Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

Clean, comfortable climate control. That’s the least you should expect from your air conditioning system. Whether you need a whole new installation or repair and maintenance work, our f-gas registered specialists will put you back in control of your environment …whatever the weather.

AC Repair or Upgrade

If your air con needs fixing, we’ll get it done for you. We can service and repair units from any major manufacturer. When the time comes to decommission or replace your AC units, refrigerants or ventilation, we’ll explain the costs and timelines to you in detail and act on your behalf to get you the best deal.

Specialist AC Commissioning

For your AC to work correctly, it needs to suit the exact location and positioning of your property. That’s why, as specialist commissioning experts, we start by studying your property’s microclimate, moisture levels, elevation, internal loads and natural air flow before advising you on the correct air conditioning system to install.

Affordable Air Conditioning

We’ve seen every manufacturer’s machinery in action, and we can walk you through the pros and cons of units at every price range. We can calculate the exact cost savings you can achieve with each unit on offer, and if cash flow is a concern, we can talk you through the payment plans on offer from some of the leading air conditioning brands.

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Air Conditioning Industry News

R32 alternative some years away.
JAPAN: Daikin has confirmed its intention to research a lower GWP alternative to R32 but says it will likely be some years before it can be commercialised.
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