HVAC Maintenance & Repair

We can keep your HVAC in top condition. There’s no reason why your air conditioning or heating systems should decline over time – especially if they’re commercial-grade components. Our regular, attentive maintenance & repair programmes reduce the risk of replacement and can make sure that the air you breathe in 10 years is just as fresh as the day you signed off on your HVAC installation.

Natural problem solvers

Our engineers pride themselves on their problem-solving abilities. Whether you’re facing strange smells, knocking noises or temperature fluctuations, we’ll find a way to fix the problem quickly and proactively. If you’re interested, we can even send you a video report showing how we fixed it.

In it for the long term

There’s a reason why our facilities management and M&E maintenance divisions are growing so quickly. When GB HVAC clients experience our professionalism and response times, they tend to stick with us for the long run. Even if you just need us for a simple one-off repair or installation job, we’ll always do our best to deliver a future-proof solution that works in the long term.

There when things go wrong

Our 24/7 service ticketing system ensures that – if you’ve got a problem – we can resolve it in the fastest possible time. Our engineers arrive on time, listen carefully to the problem you’re facing and then get on with the repair work. You don’t even need to stay on site during the repair work — we send you a full service report, including before & after photos of the finished job.

Committed to the finer details

We hate it when we experience bad customer service, and we’re determined to do better for our clients. That’s why, if we visit you for a clean, we do more than brush out a few filters in your condensers. We’ll brighten up discoloured fascias, flush and pressure-test pipework and check fluid levels on every unit. A little regular TLC from our engineer keeps your costs low, your temperature comfortable and your air fresh for years to come.

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