Renewable Heating Solutions

Our qualified service partners can provide a comprehensive, bespoke assessment that will determine the best heat pump system for your property. Our partners expertise and knowledge will provide you with great results and a property that will be warm, more energy efficient and kinder to the environment.

Air Source Heat pumps

Air source heat pumps absorbs heat from the outside air. As an alternative to a conventional method of heating, such as a boiler, the air source heat pump is used to heat radiators, underfloor heating and hot water in your home. The heat that is extracted from the air is constantly renewed, reducing the carbon footprint within your household. This form of heating provides a pleasant ambient temperature throughout a property rather than a direct heat isolated to a specific area, such as with a radiator.

Super Efficient Systems

Renewable energy doesn’t just help the environment – it helps your pocket, too. While a typical gas boiler might achieve an efficiency rating of 70%-90%, the latest renewable systems can deliver as much as 4Kw of heat for every 1Kw of energy expenditure. Installed correctly, a renewable system should keep your heating costs low for years to come.

Expert Installation

Renewable heating systems only work when they’re installed correctly. At GB HVAC, we don’t just grab off-the-shelf components and fit them in the space previously occupied by a traditional gas boiler. We take a careful scientific approach, making sure that your heat sources are positioned correctly and that your whole system is pressure-tested, vented and insulated correctly so that you get the maximum efficiency.

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