Ventilation Installation & Maintenance

Ventilation is all about bringing fresh, clean air into your building, and taking dirty or previously conditioned air out. Whether you’re looking for domestic, commercial or industrial ventilation, from network design to materials selection, GB HVAC will make sure that you’ve got air circulation where it matters.

Building Ventilation

Air flow depends on there being sufficient passive vents, ducts and canopies to handle the load placed on a building by its staff, patrons or residents. At GB HVAC, we take a holistic approach to ventilation, making sure that you’ve got the capacity to enjoy uninterrupted healthy air flow throughout your building.

Extraction Systems

Ventilation isn’t just about bringing fresh air in – it’s equally important to take dirty air out. We’ve installed ventilation in commercial kitchens, factories, auto repair shops and laboratories handling hazardous materials, and can talk you through the correct materials, optimal layouts and legal compliance requirements.

MVHR Systems (Heat Recovery)

An MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) system can help keep winter costs low and reduce your carbon footprint. MVHR systems draw the heat out of the stale air as it leaves your building, and use this energy to warm the fresh, clean air coming in from outdoors. MVHR works best in well-insulated, airtight buildings.

Decommission or Repair?

If you’re working from a legacy ventilation system, you don’t necessarily have to replace it all. We’ve upgraded old networks in listed buildings in Knightsbridge, and repaired leaks in faulty modern ventilation on new-build projects. Even if you do need to completely decommission old materials and install new kit, it’s not as expensive as you think.

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Ventilation Industry News

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